Our skin has many needs. From moisturizing to sun protection, it’s important to take the proper measures and make sure our skin is healthy. Dr. Hanemann offers SkinMedicaⓇ, a series of revolutionary skin care formulas for many of your skin care needs!

Serving the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas, Hanemann Plastic Surgery is led by Dr. Michael Hanemann, who is committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic vision. He leads his talented staff to provide superior service and ensure optimal comfort for all our patients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about our life-changing treatment options!

Who would benefit from using SkinMedicaⓇ skin care?

SkinMedicaⓇ is a series of unique skin care products designed to be applicable for all skin types! Even for those who may have sensitive skin or post-surgery skin, SkinMedicaⓇ skin care products can help keep your skin looking healthy and fresh! In order to properly determine if this exciting line of skin care may be right for you, contact us today and consult with our medical professionals!

What causes wrinkles?

As we age, our body naturally loses volume and elasticity in addition to a declination of protein found within the skin. With constant motion under these conditions, wrinkles will become evident in our skin. However, they don’t have to be a fixture to your look. Consult with our medical staff to find out which of the SkinMedicaⓇ products we offer can help keep you looking young!

What causes “photodamage”?

“Photodamage” is a more technical term for damaged skin from extensive sun exposure over time. These “photodamages” can be short-term like sunburnt skin or long-term, which is a continuous build-up of sunburnt skin as we age. If you’re looking for a leading sun protective product or to balance your skin tone from photodamaged skin, consult our medical experts to find out which SkinMedicaⓇ products can augment your aesthetic!

What are some of the best ways to keep my skin healthy?

  • Hydrating your skin with products like the HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator can help keep your skin looking young and fresh!
  • Limiting sun exposure can help prevent sun damage as well as skin cancers.
  • Using sun protection like the TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer™ Sunscreen can help shield your skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays.
  • To brighten your skin tone, products like the Vitamin C+E Complex can help keep a lustrous skin tone!

Am I a good candidate for using SkinMedicaⓇ skin care products?

SkinMedicaⓇ may be beneficial for you if you are:

  • Seeking advanced skin care products to enhance your healthy aesthetic
  • Looking for revolutionary products to hydrate your skin, brighten skin tone, clear up acne, protect skin from sun exposure and more
  • Not experiencing rosacea
  • Not currently pregnant

In order to determine if this cutting-edge series of rejuvenating skin care products may be right for you, contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment! SkinMedicaⓇ may be your ticket to healthier, luminous skin!